[Yhc] Yhc Core with modules that import each other?

Isaac Dupree isaacdupree at charter.net
Sun Aug 12 15:00:37 EDT 2007

Neil Mitchell wrote:
> Hi
>> Although the nyhc frontend currently doesn't support recursively
>> dependent modules, will Yhc Core or the tools that work with it, present
>> any trouble?
> Shouldn't do. Yhc.Core was designed to support everything.

Good to know.

>>  For example I was thinking of the possibility of making
>> Jhc be able to compile to Yhc Core (ignoring issues of different sets of
>> primitives).
> Primitives can be worked around. Types might be harder! The Yhc.Core
> language generated by Yhc does not have explicit types, but it may
> have rank-2 types introduced from monad desugaring (and any
> higher-kinded type classes). It is impossible to infer rank-2 types,
> and Jhc is quite particular about having full type information, so
> that may trip you up.

I know Jhc needs type information - I don't think Jhc can _use_ Yhc Core 
- I was just thinking it might be able to _generate_ it at some point by 
deleting type information.  Now I remember it uses lambda-cube and would 
only generate efficient (explicit-type-free) yhc-core after its dead 
code elimination pass (which is how it eliminates types that no values 
depend on), so it's trickier than I thought, but should probably be 
doable if I (or anyone) ever gets to work on it.


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