[Yhc] -package cpphs ? (build problem)

Greg Buchholz haskell at sleepingsquirrel.org
Thu Oct 12 16:27:34 EDT 2006

Neil Mitchell wrote:
> It's not linked in, so that explains why you were getting that error.
> Two options: something is failing to generate the object files for
> cpphs, or something is failing to see them as required for linking.
> >> have a directory depends/cpphs in your repo, which corresponds to the
> >> cpphs program's source code.
> >
> >    Yep.  It is there.
> Can you check if there are any .o files in that directory tree, I
> would expect some under Language/Haskell/Cpphs or something similar.
> Also are there any .hi files inside that tree?

    No .o or .hi files in depends/cpphs and I don't have a Cpphs under

> Hmm, so installing cpphs made the problem go away a bit? That is a bit
> weird. Do you have any recollection as to what the original problem
> was?

    If I unregister cpphs from ghc, then run "scons" (after a "scons
clean") I get the following error...

ghc -i./src/compiler98 -idepends/cpphs -idepends/filepath -fwarn-missing-signatures 
-c src/compiler98/Front.lhs -o src/compiler98/Front.o

    Failed to load interface for `Language.Preprocessor.Unlit':
        Could not find module `Language.Preprocessor.Unlit':
          use -v to see a list of the files searched for
scons: *** [src/compiler98/Front.o] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.

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