[xmonad] Fwd: contrib darcs patch: BinarySpacePartition update

Anton Pirogov anton.pirogov at gmail.com
Mon May 18 07:23:27 UTC 2015

Hi Daniel,

As far as I am aware, BSP is only in contrib-darcs for 6 months. My first
patch to BSP is 2 months old and introduced far more invasive changes than
this one, and the little feedback I got was good, but since it is so fresh
I dont think that there are many users out there who used it in it's "new
form" already.

In comparison, this is a smaller update which I think is important to make
everything more consistent with the whole node-focus semantics that I
introduced and addresses some small annoyances that became apparent after
using the layout extensively for some time.

So no, it is not backwards-compatible, but I am quite sure that it is not a
problem - at least as long as there was no new official xmonad release that
"freezes" the current behaviour.

Best regards,

2015-05-18 2:26 GMT+02:00 Daniel Wagner <dmwit at dmwit.com>:

> Hi Anton --
> Thanks for the patch. It looks like it builds, and without knowing
> anything about BSP the changes sound positive to me.
> Nevertheless, can you comment briefly on backwards-compatibility? How
> likely is it that there are people out there that use BSP and like the
> current behavior, and will find xmonad behaving differently as a result of
> this patch?
> Can we support the old behavior and make the new behavior "opt-in" by
> folks that want it?
> ~d
> On Thu, May 7, 2015 at 2:31 AM, Anton Pirogov <anton.pirogov at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> this patch makes the actions in BSP layout more consistent and usable,
>> making Equalize and Balance work locally and also allowing to open new
>> windows at arbitrary positions:
>> Equalize/Balance now only rearrange the currently focused node instead of
>> the whole layout (e.g. you want to keep some windows like they are but only
>> want to rearrange a deeply nested branch).
>> New windows now are inserted into the currently selected node, so e.g
>> focussing the root (everything) and opening the window will make the new
>> window take half of the screen (not possible  or very cumbersome before).
>> Also a new feature is added - now it is possible to select a window or
>> group of windows (first FocusParent, then SelectNode) and "cut&paste" the
>> selected window(s) into some other location in the layout (again,
>> FocusParent to the destination, then MoveNode). This will split the node
>> focused and put the selected window(s) there.
>> The reason for this was that more elaborate rearrangements that I
>> sometimes wished for were simply not possible just with regular window
>> swapping.
>> Best regards,
>> Anton
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