[xmonad] contrib darcs patch: BinarySpacePartition update

Anton Pirogov anton.pirogov at gmail.com
Thu May 7 09:31:50 UTC 2015


this patch makes the actions in BSP layout more consistent and usable,
making Equalize and Balance work locally and also allowing to open new
windows at arbitrary positions:

Equalize/Balance now only rearrange the currently focused node instead of
the whole layout (e.g. you want to keep some windows like they are but only
want to rearrange a deeply nested branch).

New windows now are inserted into the currently selected node, so e.g
focussing the root (everything) and opening the window will make the new
window take half of the screen (not possible  or very cumbersome before).

Also a new feature is added - now it is possible to select a window or
group of windows (first FocusParent, then SelectNode) and "cut&paste" the
selected window(s) into some other location in the layout (again,
FocusParent to the destination, then MoveNode). This will split the node
focused and put the selected window(s) there.

The reason for this was that more elaborate rearrangements that I sometimes
wished for were simply not possible just with regular window swapping.

Best regards,
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