[xmonad] Issue 537 in xmonad: xmonad does not process urxvt+vim repaint request

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Thu Mar 21 19:31:07 CET 2013

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New issue 537 by dansp... at gmail.com: xmonad does not process urxvt+vim  
repaint request

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Open a terminal
2. urxvt -e "/bin/bash" -c "vim <path of vim file with 100 lines+>"

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
The buffer is distorted:
-The bottom half of the text is not visible (black area)
-The lines that are visible are not the correct lines (e.g. line 10 is  
rendered where line 50 should be), moving the vim cursor to a line repaints  
that line, but that line only

What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?
XMonad 0.10 on Ubuntu 12.10

Are you using an xmonad.hs?  Please attach it and the output of "xmonad
Using stock xmonad.hs results in the same problems, so I did not attacch my  

Please provide any additional information below.
This problem disappears if you add a long enough sleep before opening vim,  
urxvt -e "/bin/zsh" -c "sleep 1; vim <path of vim file with 100 lines+>"

I really have no clue how XMonad interacts with X or how X works, but my  
best guess is that there is some kind of race condition and XMonad misses  
the repaint command from urxvt.

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