[xmonad] Issue 429 in xmonad: X.A.DynamicWorkspaces command to delete specified tag

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Wed Jan 2 23:32:26 CET 2013

	Status: Patch
	Labels: Type-Enhancement Priority-Low Component-Contrib

Comment #1 on issue 429 by vogt.a... at gmail.com: X.A.DynamicWorkspaces  
command to delete specified tag

Jeff Johnson had a similar request here:  

In some off-list discussion the solution was to add to the configuration  
something like:

   logHook = removeEmptyWorkspace

Something I suggested (but turned out unnecessary) is a handleEventHook  
that stops workspaces from being removed if you switch to them:  

If there's any interest, we could add that hpaste to an existing or new  
contrib module.

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