[xmonad] how to handle "request focus" events properly

Javran Cheng javran.c at gmail.com
Sun Dec 1 04:09:16 UTC 2013

Hi there,

I'm wondering what is the proper way of handling some "request focus"
events, I have some scenario here:

scenario #1:

- I have multiple firefox windows running. one of which has opened a "
- I open another firefox window in another workspace, as I'm typing in "
twitter.com", firefox gives me an option to "Switch to tab", but when I
press enter on it, nothing happens.

scenario #2:

- I have a pidgin running, I want to click the icon from system tray(for
example, trayer) and open the buddy list.
- If the buddy list has been opened in somewhere else, nothing will happen
as well.

I'm not familar with Xlib but I think they might have some events to tell
xmonad that a window is requesting the focus, that would be great if I can
modify my conf to handle these messages. I'll appreciate it if you can give
me some hints.

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