[xmonad] gnome theming is destroying my life

Michael Norrish michael.norrish at nicta.com.au
Fri Sep 14 08:18:40 CEST 2012

On 14/09/12 02:22, Jochen Keil wrote:

>> I should clarify:  this was GNOME 3 running in fallback (i.e.
>> "should be" GNOME 2).  But somehow all theming was disabled and (it
>> being that I had a theme engine configured, and it was present in
>> the system and if I installed a theme manager I could
>> deselect/reselect it) theme engines threw errors as if they
>> couldn't be found.  Or, integrating the above, that something is
>> forcing the theme to something stupid and ugly, possibly in a
>> misguided attempt to get people to throw everything (possibly
>> including hardware) out and upgrade to the Glorious New Shiny.

> I'd like to throw a bit in here. I'm running completely without
> {gnome,xfce}-session-manager (which does normally all the fancy gtk
> theme settings). It is possible to configure gtk-{2,3} applications
> without GNOME or XFCE though.

> For reference I've attached my ~/.gtkrc-2.0 and
> ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini files.

> Themes can most likely be found in /usr/share/themes (depends on
> installation) whereas icon themes normally reside in /usr/share/icons
> (again, dependent on installation).

Dear Jochen,

My desktop settings call for a gnome-settings-daemon to be run, and indeed, ps 
reveals that one is running.  I can also configure some things from the System 
Tools/System Settings/ menu.  For example, turning on sticky modifiers in the 
Universal Access/Typing screen works.  But changing the theme in Appearance 
doesn't seem to do anything at all.  Nor can I seem to change the system font 

I don't have either a ~/.gtkrc-2.0  or ~/.config/gtk-3.0 directory.

How do I tell which framework my applications are basing themselves on?

Of the files you attached, should I just create instances of all of them?

Thanks for any advice you may have,

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