[xmonad] gap between window and statusbar (xmobar)

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Fri Mar 16 17:43:36 CET 2012

On Fri, 16. Mar 09:02, Brandon Allbery wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 08:44, 1126 <mailinglists at elfsechsundzwanzig.de>wrote:
> > In my config (see below), I have to xmobar's running, one on top with only
> > %StdinReader% and the second on bottom with MPD and Date. The xmobar on top
> > has as Border on Bottom and the
> You're spawning the bottom one with spawnPipe, which is wasteful and not
> entirely effective (if your intent was to have the bottom bar go away when
> xmonad is restarted like the top one does, it won't work; the bar has to
> actually use a StdinReader or it won't notice).

Yeah, that's right. So what's the more appropiate way to run two xmobar-instances?

> > xmobar on .. you
> > guess it. Well: while the borders of my windows and the xmobarborder sort
> > of merge (1px + 1px = 2px), there is a gap between the borders of my
> > windows and the xmobar on top. Why is that so and what can
> > I do about it?
> >
> Doesn't appear to be an xmonad problem; you didn't provide your .xmobarrc
> files, so can't tell from there.  It might also be a bug in xmobar,
> although I'm not aware of one that would cause the strut to be
> miscalculated or the bar to be mispositioned.

True enough. I should've provided them. Here they are: 

- http://hpaste.org/65409
- http://hpaste.org/65407

> > (Oh, I see it's complaining about redundant $'s and that I should use
> > 'head' ... what does the latter mean?)
> >
> It's being grumpy about the "<something> !! 0", which is more briefly
> expressed as "head <something>"; in this case, having it look like the
> other cases is probably more appropriate, so don't worry about it.

I won't.. I've seen it in a example-config and "--> doShift "workspace"-way did not work.. Anyway, shifting works and it compiles and runs.

> The redundant $ warnings are because "a $ b $ c" is identical to "a $ b c".

Thanks for your kind help!


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