[xmonad] gap between window and statusbar (xmobar)

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> In my config (see below), I have to xmobar's running, one on top with only
> %StdinReader% and the second on bottom with MPD and Date. The xmobar on top
> has as Border on Bottom and the

You're spawning the bottom one with spawnPipe, which is wasteful and not
entirely effective (if your intent was to have the bottom bar go away when
xmonad is restarted like the top one does, it won't work; the bar has to
actually use a StdinReader or it won't notice).

xmobar on .. you
> guess it. Well: while the borders of my windows and the xmobarborder sort
> of merge (1px + 1px = 2px), there is a gap between the borders of my
> windows and the xmobar on top. Why is that so and what can
> I do about it?

Doesn't appear to be an xmonad problem; you didn't provide your .xmobarrc
files, so can't tell from there.  It might also be a bug in xmobar,
although I'm not aware of one that would cause the strut to be
miscalculated or the bar to be mispositioned.

> (Oh, I see it's complaining about redundant $'s and that I should use
> 'head' ... what does the latter mean?)

It's being grumpy about the "<something> !! 0", which is more briefly
expressed as "head <something>"; in this case, having it look like the
other cases is probably more appropriate, so don't worry about it.

The redundant $ warnings are because "a $ b $ c" is identical to "a $ b c".

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