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Pablo Olmos de Aguilera Corradini pablo.olmosdeaguilera at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 19:53:25 CEST 2012

On 18 July 2012 13:14, Brandon Allbery <allbery.b at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 1:10 PM, Pablo Olmos de Aguilera Corradini
> <pablo.olmosdeaguilera at gmail.com> wrote:
>> >
>> > http://xmonad.org/xmonad-docs/xmonad-contrib/XMonad-Layout-LayoutHints.html
>> > *might* help, but you may need to consider using a non-broken terminal
>> > program.  Too many lazy X11 programmers don't understand that the window
>> > manager has the final word on window sizes and it's up to their program
>> > to
>> > deal.
>> When you say "non-broken terminal program" are you talking about my
>> terminal emulator? In the SS I was running Terminator, but I have also
>> tried with gnome-terminal, urxvt, rxvt, xterm and aterm and the
>> problem persists.
> Most of the rxvt family, including aterm, are known to not work properly.
> urxvt *should* work as should gnome-terminal.  xterm might or might not
> depending on exact version.
>> Curiously lxterminal, Terminal (xfce terminal) and guake, vim covers
> I believe lxterminal, Terminal, and gnome-terminal all are based on the same
> Gtk+ VTE widget and all should work the same way.  (They are NOT based on
> xterm.)

Thanks, I contacted the terminator main developer and he told me that
the problem actually has to do with my combination between the font
and screen size. Probably it was drawing (for ie) 20.3 rows, and it's
configured to only show "complete" rows, so the rest 0.3 is lost.

Then I started to resize the window, trying different font typefaces
and sizes and it kind of works but it doesn't solve the issue

I stated that this was happening in some terminals... it results that
it doesn't. It fails on every vte based term emulator. Well, kind
of... the problem has to do with the font size, and size of the
window, some terminals came with different configurations that's why
it seems to work, but it was coincidence.

So, in conclusion, is that vte (or gtk-widget?) only draw complete
columns (or rows). Since in XMonad my windows are resized
automatically (or manually) the 'jumps' doesn't coincide with the rows
or columns of the terminal emulator.

On 18 July 2012 14:00, Chris Jones <cjns1989 at gmail.com> wrote:
> man xterm..?
> in particular:
> | % xterm -b pixels
> or the corresponding X resource:
> | VT100.internalBorder pixels
> ..؟??
> Not sure other terminal emulations have this capability..

Thanks for the -b flag and the internalBorder Xresource, they work
with urxvt and xterm. Though it works better with urxvt (dunno why).
In fact, after trying a LOT of terms in the only one that the issue
doesn't happen at all is in urxvt.


After my investigation, I guess that no 'real' solution exist, only
some workarounds, so I have to:

1) work that way,
2) change my terminal emulator to urxvt,
3) pick a different font typeface/size combination, or
4) use the same colorscheme between vim and the term so the 'empty'
space merge with the background

Even if it's not much, you can ignore it, so I wonder how people deal
with this. What are your suggestions?

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