[xmonad] Newbie questions (wrt floating windows)

Matthew Hague matthewhague at zoho.com
Mon Jul 2 11:59:36 CEST 2012


I've just begun an attempt at moving to XMonad, and have a couple of

    1) I like titlebars but find that the decorators (e.g. noFrillsDeco) do
    not apply to floating windows.  Is there a way to decorate the floats too?
    Even better: is there a way to apply decorations only to certain windows
    (i.e. in the manageHook)?

    2) The floating windows are always in front of tiled windows.  This is
    annoying: i would like to be able to script something so that the floating
    layer is hidden if a tiled window is focused.  Is there some command along
    the lines of "hide all floats"?

(I'm sure #2 runs against the whole philosophy of tiling window managers, but
i like a "mongrel" workspace for freeform messing around, and tiling for when
i'm down to some serious work.)



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