[xmonad] Issue 498 in xmonad: Borders are not around the window with the focus

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Tue Feb 28 18:29:27 CET 2012

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New issue 498 by rlblas... at gmail.com: Borders are not around the window  
with the focus

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Open a terminal and open a file from it in evince. E.g. type "evince  
a.pdf &" (assuming a.pdf exists in the current directory).
2. Now evince comes into the focus, it has the borders around its window.
3. Go back to the terminal and type "evince a.pdf". This should refresh  
4. Observe that evince is in focus by pressing j/k or other evince  
5. Also observe that the terminal's window still has borders around it like  
it's in focus.

Basically the focus and the border decoration is not in sync. One of the  
applications should have both the focus and the border.

$ xmonad --version
xmonad 0.10

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