[xmonad] A community-driven effort to make XMonad better and better

Alfredo Di Napoli alfredo.dinapoli at gmail.com
Sat Dec 29 08:40:42 CET 2012

If I have to speak frankly, I got discouraged. Not in particular for the legit concerns of some "hardcore" users, but also because at the end of the day I was the only one trying to import the issues on the new tracker, the only one trying to plan something.. In a word, the only one, despite the fact mine was an effort to shake XMonad from its statis but I wanted a team project, not a lonely man project.
I've tried to contact some people about some ideas I've got for XMonad (eg Wayland) but no response.

Said that, and considering I'm again on Mac OS X in this slice of my life, I'm not motivated anymore.
Who wants to join can poke me; the repos on github are public, so is the team.

Happy life and holidays,

Alfredo Di Napoli

On 28/dic/2012, at 22:13, "Pablo Olmos de Aguilera C." <pablo at glatelier.org> wrote:

> So, what's the state of this as the end of the year? I can't seem to
> find any discussion or progress (I don't mean there isn't, I just
> don't know where to look for it).
> Regards and happy holidays :3
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