[xmonad] how to install xmonad for group of users.

Imam Toufique wnyrodeo at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 5 02:15:43 CEST 2012


I have been trying to install xmonad (using cabal) for the past week for a group of users and having some issues with it.  When I try to install it for myself it works just fine, but I when I try install it for a group of users, it gives me errors that some packages/modules are missing.  I used the following cabal command:

>cabal install --prefix=$PREFIX --build-log=/tmp/xmonad.log.3 xmonad (where my prefix is /net/tools/xmonad/0.10

I see the installation there, I can run it myself, but when another user goes about it running it from the same installation, it complains that some packages/modules missing.  I noticed that my installation creates $HOME/.ghc directory where all the packages are registered.  I think therefore, for another user it can't access my $HOME/.ghc and therefore fails.  Is there a way  to tell cabal installer to register the packages in the $PREFIX area?  I am so new to ghc, I tried figuring it out, but I could not.  I think if I can register the packages somewhere in the PREFIX (/net/tools/xmonad/0.10) area, then xmonad running for a different user(s) will be able to access the right packages, and that might fix this issue.
thanks in advance.
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