[xmonad] xmonad as an outsider

Anthony Campbell ac at acampbell.org.uk
Thu Nov 10 18:34:47 CET 2011

On 10 Nov 2011, Weeble wrote:

> I think most of these things can be improved, though maybe not the
> error messages. I really love *using* xmonad, and I've not found
> another window manager that I'm nearly as happy with, but the horror
> of *configuring* xmonad wastes a lot of my time and makes me
> disinclined to recommend it to others.
> Weeble.

Reading that you find Haskell problematic, I feel a bit better that I,
as a non-programmer with no formal computer training, was pretty much
stymied. I just copied examples I found on the net but without really
understanding them.

Have you looked at dwm, written in C? It was the forerunner of xmonad
and functionally and visually the two are quite similar. I was able to
modify it pretty easily by editing config.h and patching the code even
though I know no C.

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