[xmonad] register XMonad as window manager with X

Ivan Lazar Miljenovic ivan.miljenovic at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 00:04:44 CET 2011

On 8 November 2011 08:56, Jochen Keil <jochen.keil at gmail.com> wrote:
> How about a release every 6 months? Someone mentioned this already and I
> think it makes sense. New users would see that the project is under
> active development. In addition they would be able to get some very
> recent code without having to fiddle with darcs etc.

I'm not a fan of "let's release just because we need a release every 6
months": I think a feature-based release ("do we have enough changes
to warrant a release?") makes more sense, albeit with the uncertainty
of a looming deadline to make people consider releasing.

Ivan Lazar Miljenovic
Ivan.Miljenovic at gmail.com

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