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Jochen Keil jochen.keil at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 22:56:23 CET 2011

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Hi Brandon,

there are more issues here and I got an opinion about xmonads release
politics too.. but I'll keep that on topic.

On 07.11.2011 18:22, Brandon Allbery wrote:
> The *original* xmonad developers have moved on.  The current crop
> is quite active... but doesn't have access bits on the archive.
> We're still working on that (and in fact someone who was given
> access some time back and promptly got sandbagged by Real Life just
> swapped back in, so things may finally be about to move).
How about a release every 6 months? Someone mentioned this already and I
think it makes sense. New users would see that the project is under
active development. In addition they would be able to get some very
recent code without having to fiddle with darcs etc.
I'm running xmonad since around 2008 and I think it would be a shame
if it would go down the drain because it cannot draw new users (and
probably developers). XMonad made me learn Haskell and FP in general
and I'm very grateful for that.
If there's some work to be done, I'd be glad to help out.

> (As to the original question, I still haven't had a chance to check
>  what's going on but I had thought I'd verified at one point that 
> WM_S0 was being created normally.  Then again, I was running a
> rather strange debugging setup at the time.)

I tried the xmonad version from darcs I mentioned in my last email.
Using X11.Graphics.Xlib methods [1] as well as 'xlsatoms' [2] reveals
that there is no WM_S* atom.

So, as I said before, xmonad does not set the atom properly on initial
startup (e.g. by using 'exec xmonad' in .xinitrc).

Best regards,


atom :: IO Atom
atom = openDisplay ":0.0" >>= \dpy ->
    internAtom dpy ("WM_S" ++ show (defaultScreen dpy)) True

main = atom >>= print

[852 ~$] DISPLAY=:0.0 xlsatoms | grep -E 'WM_S?$'
[853 ~$]
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