[xmonad] A few issues with xmonad I'd like to fix

wagnerdm at seas.upenn.edu wagnerdm at seas.upenn.edu
Wed Jun 29 17:58:58 CEST 2011

Quoting Laurent Humblet <laurent.humblet at gmail.com>:

> 1) I would like to use my keypad to switch to a given layout but I  
> don't know how to do it.  For instance:
>     MOD + SHIFT + Keypad 1 => switch to 'tiled'
>     MOD + SHIFT + Keypad 2 => switch to 'Full'
>     etc ...


> 2) When I ALT-TAB once and release ALT and TAB, I like to go back to  
> the previous window in the stack instead of going forward again, is  
> this possible ?

don't understand the request

> 3) Is there any bypass or automatic script that could do the "# cat  
> /proc/####/fd/4" thing automatically when xmonad freezes?

Wouldn't it be better to just avoid having xmonad freeze, instead? It  
looks like you're sending output to xmobar; does xmobar have a  
PipeReader working? Could you paste your .xmobarrc somewhere for us to  
take a look at?

> 4) Is there some kind of online config generator ?  Some kind of  
> html/javascript page that would generate an xmonad.hs file  
> automatically from a set of checkboxes (azerty keyboard, add new  
> layouts, etc).  The idea here is to ease the quick config setup for  
> a non developer or for someone less willing to learn and hack in  
> Haskell for instance.


> 5) My desktops/workspaces 6 and 8 do not work.  When I MOD + 6 or  
> MOD + 8, it doesn't switch to it at all and MOD + SHIFT + 6 or 8  
> doesn't move the window to that workspace.  Maybe this is tied to  
> the fact that I have an belgian azerty keyboard but I do use the  
> azerty config.

The azertyKeys function appears to use raw hex-codes to specify the  
workspace bindings, which, I must say, doesn't sound terribly  
portable. I think a patch that replaced the hex-codes with their  
equivalent xK_* named constants would be welcomed, and probably also  
would reveal why they're not working for you.

In any case, it will help immensely to open up xev, whack your 6 and 8  
keys, and take a look at the output there.

Good luck,

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