[xmonad] Issue 350 in xmonad: Investigate using Dyre for xmonad configuration

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Wed Jan 5 04:15:37 CET 2011

Comment #9 on issue 350 by vogt.adam: Investigate using Dyre for xmonad  

This may or may not belong to dyre's responsibility, but it would be nice  
to specify that the xmonad.hs is compiled using the correct -package. If  
Cabal permits, ghc's package names could include those hashes, so multiple  
xmonad-0.9.2 could coexist (ex. global and user). Confusion resulting from  
unexpected results from multiple xmonad installs happens often in #xmonad.  
After a compile failure with restricted package versions fails, a second  
attempt should be made without the -hide-all-packages.

That way multiple versions of xmonad could coexist for a single user, and  
it may make install errors clearer. The only downside I see is excessive  
code complexity. Haskell is more consise than my current description and  
some parts may be in dyre, so it might be worthwhile.

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