[xmonad] Issue 473 in xmonad: Enhancement to GridSelect

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Sat Aug 27 18:57:04 CEST 2011

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New issue 473 by andre.ra... at gmail.com: Enhancement to GridSelect

There is a function in XMonad.Actions.GridSelect named "spawnSelected" that  
allows the user to select a command from a list and then spawns it.

The "problem" with this function is that'll use the same String twice: you  
can't give a "title" to a command.

So I suggest that a new function is created, one that'll take  
[(String,String)] as argument. The first String from the tuple specifies  
the "pretty name" of the command, and the second one specifies the command  
to be spawned. For instance:

spawnSelected' defaultGSConfig [("Messenger", "pidgin"), ("Mail", "chromium  

would show a selection grid showing "Messenger" and "Mail", but that would  
execute "pidgin" or "chromium --app=http://gmail.com/" depending on which I  

It can be made with only a simple modification to spawnSelected, but I  
don't know how it should be named, so for now I'm calling it spawnSelected'.

spawnSelected' :: GSConfig String -> [(String, String)] -> X ()
spawnSelected' conf lst = gridselect conf lst >>= flip whenJust spawn

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