[xmonad] Two dashes freeze shellPrompt

Norbert Zeh nzeh at cs.dal.ca
Thu Aug 18 18:46:36 CEST 2011

Dunric [2011.08.18 1102 +0200]:
> Hi,
> just took a peek into XMonad.Prompt.Shell source and found the cause
> of dysfunction.
> To get a list of possible command completions, shellPrompt makes use
> of bash internal function "compgen" but end of options mark (yes, it
> is the double-dash) is omitted.
> So if completion function is supplied with "--", bash call cannot
> finish because compgen expects another argument which never receives
> so it hangs.

Nice you figured this out.  What's odd to me is that this as the source
of the issue should be completely independent of the locale, yet it
seems that the problem arises only in utf8 locales.  Any ideas why that
might be?


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