[xmonad] Irssi, ssh and urgency

Tom Davis tom at recursivedream.com
Tue Aug 16 01:37:56 CEST 2011

I use irssi over ssh/screen as I imagine many of you do. I needed to be aware of new messages so I setup a script that spits a message to a remote forwarded port any time I get a pm, etc. When I used xmonad and Gnome, the listener spawned a notification. When I stopped using Gnome layout, I switched it to blinking a light on my laptop. When the laptop is docked, no light! Long story long, I want to use basic urgency hook support now. I've confirmed xterm is all setup to send bell and that my urgency hook works. Unfortunately, it doesn't work over ssh. So I'd like to use the listener to somehow tell xmonad "Hey, 'irssi' window is urgent!" Is there an easy way to do that? Do I need to go as far as spawning an xterm in the window that just bells and quits? Would love to get the final piece of this puzzle in place. Thanks!

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