[xmonad] Shift windows around

Adam Vogt vogt.adam at gmail.com
Sat Sep 25 16:28:19 EDT 2010

* On Friday, September 24 2010, Tony Morris wrote:

>When the machine boots I am going to start several of the same
>application. I want to ensure they each get their own workspace. That
>is, no two instances of this application will ever appear on the same
>This is why I think doF may be appropriate, but I am not completely sure
>and struggling to improve this confidence with the types.

Hello Tony,

This module should help you more directly:


Possibly modified to include features in here:

Note that SpawnOn is simplified (incompatibly different) if you built
xmonad from darcs, since you don't have to pass that 'Spawner' IORef
around in that case.


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