[xmonad] Newbie question on xmonad startup capability

wagnerdm at seas.upenn.edu wagnerdm at seas.upenn.edu
Fri Sep 10 10:06:27 EDT 2010

There is a startupHook (which will be run on every start, including  
restarts when you change your config), or you can just put the  
programs you want to start in .xinitrc (which will be run only when X  
itself starts).

Quoting Sean Charles <sean at objitsu.com>:

> Is it possible to write a start-up script so that when xmonad runs it
> will create a preset bunch of windows, desktopo arrangements etc as well as
> open the nominated applications as thought= done by a ghostly hand?
> I
> don't expect the app state to be preserved, not unless I was using Squeak
> but it would be nice to have it start and open my faveourite apps in my
> favourite window spaces etc
> Thanks
> Sean
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