[xmonad] Re: Issue 413 in xmonad: Windows don't disappear

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Fri Oct 15 18:39:42 EDT 2010

Comment #5 on issue 413 by srburnet: Windows don't disappear

Interesting. I neglected to mention that I sometimes get a stranger  
behavior. Suppose I have desktop with two windows and have the screen split  
so both windows are shown side by side (e.g., with the "Tall" layout). Then  
sometimes when I switch to an empty desktop, only one of the windows  
disappears; the other one is left on the display (but is not  
actually "there", since I cannot interact with it).

Does xmonad do some weird things when it unmaps windows? Or perhaps this is  
in fact an NVIDIA issue. I'll note that I've had this problem for a long  
while now, with multiple driver versions.

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