[xmonad] Re: Issue 413 in xmonad: Windows don't disappear

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Fri Oct 15 18:35:34 EDT 2010

Comment #4 on issue 413 by norbert.zeh: Windows don't disappear

I ran into the same problem just now.  Same setup: xmonad darcs, arch  
linux, feh for setting the background, NVIDIA dual screen.  The caveats on  
the background actually looked like *parts* of me emacs window, each with  
nicely rounded corners.  Really strange.

Since I never had this problem using Debian on the same hardware before,  
nor using arch on a single screen with an ATI graphics card, I am inclined  
to think that this is not an xmonad issue and maybe blame the new X server  
in arch, the bleeding edge NVIDIA driver or something like that.  I may of  
course be completely off with this guess and would still like to know what  
causes this behaviour and how to fix it.

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