[xmonad] Issue 411 in xmonad: Only one desktop spread over displays instead of two separate with Nvidia Twinview

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Mon Oct 4 21:07:51 EDT 2010

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New issue 411 by johannes.thraen: Only one desktop spread over displays  
instead of two separate with Nvidia Twinview

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Set up xorg 1.7, nvidia-driver 173.14.27, Twinview
2. install xmonad
3. run xmonad

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
I expect two desktops which I can focus separately by mod-e,w to be  
presented to me on my two displays.
Instead I have only one desktop spread over the displays. mod-e,w,q do
nothing. I checked the obvious errors see below.

What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?
xmonad 0.8.1 on gentoo amd64

Are you using an xmonad.hs?

The desktop spans the minimal bounding box of the two display rectangles,  
leaving in my case (1200x1024, 1024x768) an unshown area on its right lower  
My X11 log says:
(**) NVIDIA(0): Option "MetaModes" "1280x1024,1024x768"
(**) NVIDIA(0): TwinView enabled
(II) NVIDIA(0): Validated modes:
(II) NVIDIA(0):     "1280x1024,1024x768"
(II) NVIDIA(0): Virtual screen size determined to be 2304 x 1024

My X11 libs are compiled with Xinerama:
ghc -e "Graphics.X11.openDisplay [] >>= Graphics.X11.Xinerama.getScreenInfo"

Xinerama.getScreenInfo gets the right rectangles:
[Rectangle {rect_x = 0, rect_y = 0, rect_width = 1280, rect_height =  
1024},Rectangle {rect_x = 1280, rect_y = 0, rect_width = 1024, rect_height  
= 768}]

I have to admit, my setup always behaved somewhat shaky on different oss  
and different window managers. The card is bit older, so I have to stick to  
a legacy driver (173...). It could very well rather be a problem of the  
nvidia driver than xmonad. In which case I also would be thankful for any  
hints for digging deeper into the problem with the help of xmonad so to say.


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