[xmonad] xmobar/dzen, Esc, and mendeley

Ramon Diaz-Uriarte rdiaz02 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 18:43:41 EST 2010

Dear All,

I just noticed a strange interaction (strange at least to me) when
running with xmobar (or dzen).

- Mendeley desktop allows one to view a pdf "fullscreen". To exit from
full screen you are supposed to press "Esc" (or Ctrl-Return, though
this I do not see documented anywhere). However, bailing out of
fullscreen does not work unless:

a) one is using "smartBorders $ Full"


b) if one runs dzen or xmobar, one toggless off the menu bar.

It is a good thing that, regardless of the layout when one enters into
mendeley, a) and b) will always work. So the fix is easy. Still, I do
not understand the problem, and it seems that Mendeley is not seeing a
key press it should be seeing. I have not experienced this with any
other program other than Mendeley. I googled around and have not found
similar patterns. (Interestingly enough, I could not get away from
fullscreen mode in scrotwm; under Bluetile, predictably, it only works
under the "F" layout).



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