Gnash (Re: [xmonad] small problems with doFullFloat)

lithis xmonad at
Tue Jul 6 15:43:21 EDT 2010

On Tue, 2010/07/06 10:16:35 -0700, Lara Michaels wrote:
> To make Youtube videos display in fullscreen

This doesn’t directly answer your questions, but it worked
for me. I used to have problems watching YouTube videos
fullscreen, but they all went away when I removed Flash and
replaced it with Gnash, the open-source SWF player. The
YouTube interface even looks nicer in Gnash than in Adobe
Flash (I’m not sure exactly why, but the play button and
text look somehow better). Also, I can close individual
Flash objects, by right-clicking them and choosing Quit, to
eliminate annoying animation on web pages. The only downside
is that Gnash uses much more CPU time on my machine (I don’t
know if that is a general Gnash problem, a Gnash
compile-time configuration problem, or a misconfiguration in
my config or other graphics libraries).

I don’t have full-screen windows set to automatically float,
so when I click the full-screen button in YouTube, Gnash
opens a tiled window that scales its contents to the size of
the window. Flash used to scale the contents to the screen
and only showed half of the video in a standard Tall layout.
When I switch to Full layout the video goes full-screen;
Flash immediately closed the window when I used Full. Escape
works to return the window to the browser, as it did in
Flash. Also, I can switch focus without the window closing,
a problem I had in Flash.

Mainly I switched away from Flash because Adobe stopped
supporting 64-bit Linux. I had problems using the 32-bit
wrapper, which is why I installed the 64-bit alpha in the
first place. But now there are known vulnerabilities in the
64-bit version that will not be fixed.

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