[xmonad] xmobar add-ons

Nicolas Martyanoff khaelin at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 11:18:31 EST 2010

On 10-01-28 15:48, Jose A. Ortega Ruiz wrote:
>  - two new monitors, MultiCpu and Disk, providing cpu usage for
>    multicores and disk I/O speeds, respectively.
>  - new options to all monitors to set maximum/minimum field widths and
>    padding characters.

Thank you for these improvements, they are definitly useful. I use MultiCpu
with the new -p option for a 4-cores CPU, and it works perfectly.

I hope it gets integrated in the official repository :)

> The additions are documented in the README file. Since this is my first
> Haskell hacking beyond tutorial snippets, i'm sure the code can be
> improved, so feel free to criticise it as deserved, or to ask for
> other improvements.

Well I don't know if it's really important, but if .xmobarrc starts with an
empty line, I get the following error message:

xmobar: /home/galdor/.xmobarrc: configuration file contains errors at:
"Config" (line 1, column 1):
unexpected "\n"
expecting "Config"

Removing the empty line is a solution, but I wonder why the parser fails here.


Nicolas Martyanoff
   khaelin at gmail.com
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