[xmonad] xmobar add-ons

Jose A. Ortega Ruiz jao at gnu.org
Thu Jan 28 09:48:11 EST 2010


I hope i'm not off-topic. I'm posting here because i haven't been able
to contact Andrea, xmobar's maintainer, and i thought some of you might
be interested in a couple of add-ons to xmobar that i've been hacking

 - two new monitors, MultiCpu and Disk, providing cpu usage for
   multicores and disk I/O speeds, respectively.
 - new options to all monitors to set maximum/minimum field widths and
   padding characters.

The code is available in this darcs repo:


which you can also browse on-line at


The additions are documented in the README file. Since this is my first
Haskell hacking beyond tutorial snippets, i'm sure the code can be
improved, so feel free to criticise it as deserved, or to ask for
other improvements.

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