[xmonad] Recommended setup for coding

wagnerdm at seas.upenn.edu wagnerdm at seas.upenn.edu
Mon Jan 25 10:58:29 EST 2010

This kind of thing is generally the result of building in the wrong  
order.  Can you try cleaning, re-building, and installing, in order:

1. X11
2. xmonad
3. xmonad-contrib
4. xmonad.hs (cleaning involves taking out any .o's/.hi's from .xmonad  
and .xmonad/lib)

and then let us know if the problem persists?  If so,  
~/.Xsession-errors, ~/.xmonad/xmonad.errors, or the output of xmonad  
itself may give more information as well, so please send those.


Quoting Ralph Hofmann <hofmann2004 at arcor.de>:

> Am Montag, den 25.01.2010, 15:11 +0100 schrieb Ralph Hofmann:
>> Everything with xmonad in its name removed and installed again with
>> "cabal install xmonad xmonad-contrib": it works.
>> Then reinstalled from the darcs directories: it still works.
>> I guess, I have xmonad-darcs working now.
> No, that was too fast. I had just hitten the send-email button and got a
> freeze.
> I am now back to the version from "cabal install xmonad ..." (which
> freezes too) and have found something, that I can reproduce:
> I start the session with metacity, open a terminal and enter "killall
> metacity && xmonad &". Now I am on xmonad with the terminal still open.
> When I close the terminal with the kill-shortkey (by default (modm .|.
> shiftMask, xK_c)) I get a freeze. It's only partial, I can call Gnome-Do
> for example, but I can't switch workspaces anymore. I also got freezes
> when starting firefox.
> I have added my xmonad.hs, in case someone would like to check it.
> Ralph

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