[xmonad] DynamicWorkspaces: New WS not accessible with mod+number

Ralph Hofmann hofmann2004 at arcor.de
Thu Jan 14 14:48:15 EST 2010

I just found out, that this behaviour only occurs with a running
virtualbox machine. If virtualbox is, let's say, running on workspace 4
and I create a new workspace 5, it can't be accessed with mod+5. 

Without virtualbox, everything works fine. So no big issue.


Am Donnerstag, den 14.01.2010, 20:07 +0100 schrieb Ralph Hofmann:
> I prefer using only few workspaces by default and adding one if needed,
> whether by adding a workspace with addWorkspace and rename it or, more
> easily, by using selectWorkspace and entering a number that doesn't
> exist. In both cases, i can't access the new workspace by "mod + number
> of workspace".
> Is there a workaround?
> My xmonad has version 0.9-1.
> Ralph
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