[xmonad] recompile, dzen and togglestruts

julien steinhauser Julien.Steinhauser at orange.fr
Mon Feb 22 05:12:26 EST 2010

On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 03:34:54AM +0100, julien steinhauser wrote:
> Hello,
> On a fresh XMonad setup, I meet an issue and I'd like wise advices,
> wether I'm doing things correctly or not.
> I use two dzen, one for views, layout and title on the left
> and one for other things on right.
> The one on left is launched from within xmonad.hs via spawnpipe
> the one on right is lauched from my .xinitrc.
> If i make a change in xmonad.hs and want to recompile it,
> it compiles silently (no output with xmonad --recompile).
> All clients which were already here before the recompile
>  won't cover the left dzen anymore after the recompile even
> with the mod-b shortcut (dzen stays on top)
> but they still cover the dzen on the right. 
> All clients launched after the recompile behave the normal way,
> until I recompile ...
> My xmonad version :
> ~$ xmonad --version
> xmonad 0.9.1
> (Source package xmonad and xmonad-contrib from Debian Sid)
> I attach my xmonad.hs
> I hope this message wasn't too confused.
> Julien 

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Actually, my xmonad.hs is quite small, I reattached it not gunzipped
for convenience.
Sorry for double posting.

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