[xmonad] recompile, dzen and togglestruts

julien steinhauser Julien.Steinhauser at orange.fr
Sun Feb 21 21:34:54 EST 2010


On a fresh XMonad setup, I meet an issue and I'd like wise advices,
wether I'm doing things correctly or not.

I use two dzen, one for views, layout and title on the left
and one for other things on right.

The one on left is launched from within xmonad.hs via spawnpipe
the one on right is lauched from my .xinitrc.

If i make a change in xmonad.hs and want to recompile it,
it compiles silently (no output with xmonad --recompile).

All clients which were already here before the recompile
 won't cover the left dzen anymore after the recompile even
with the mod-b shortcut (dzen stays on top)
but they still cover the dzen on the right. 

All clients launched after the recompile behave the normal way,
until I recompile ...

My xmonad version :
~$ xmonad --version
xmonad 0.9.1
(Source package xmonad and xmonad-contrib from Debian Sid)

I attach my xmonad.hs

I hope this message wasn't too confused.

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