[xmonad] Several new modules (patch flood)

Klaus Weidner kweidner at pobox.com
Wed Feb 17 13:51:33 EST 2010

I had been trying something similar, here's the config I've been using
for a while that combines tiled and tabbed layouts. I haven't split
this out into a separate file, so it's unfortunately mixed up with my
other customizations :-/

More details (and crude ASCII graphics) are in the file.


On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 9:45 AM, Quentin Moser <moserq at gmail.com> wrote:
> I just discovered Adam Vogt's XMonad.Layout.SubLayouts module, which
> seems to do pretty much exactly the same thing as my
> XMonad.Layout.Groups module. I _did_ spend several dozen minutes
> looking through the xmonad-comtrib modules to see if no-one had
> implemented this before, but I missed it (of course, there's no way a
> mere hour could be enough to find a module in xmonad-contrib >>). Big
> "doh" moment.
> Anyway, I'm planning on taking a serious look at SubLayouts, seeing in
> what ways it differs from my own module, and posting an update once
> I've figured things out; these two modules are definitely too similar
> for one not to absorb the other.
> If Adam has comments to make about this, I'm also all ears.
> For now, my patches can definitely be merged, but X.L.Groups should be
> considered an unstable interface. The rest won't change even if I move
> to X.L.SubLayouts (well, except that X.L.Groups.Examples might get a
> name change).
> Q. Moser
> On Sun, Jan 17, 2010 at 3:20 AM, Don Stewart <dons at galois.com> wrote:
>> Well done!!
>> moserq:
>>> Hello XMonad,
>>> I apologize for the bulk delivery, these are all things I wrote over
>>> the last week and I didn't really want
>>> to stop coding to send updates (or eat, or sleep, for that matter --).
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