[xmonad] Customizing xmonad on debian lenny

julien steinhauser Julien.Steinhauser at orange.fr
Wed Feb 10 12:53:08 EST 2010


On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 11:33:16AM -0500, Chris Jones wrote:
> When you apt-get xmonad, regardless of the version, debian ends up
> installing what looks like close to a hundred packages. Meaning that I
> was concerned that trying to install manually might have landed me in
> dependency hell. I don't think this would have been the case, though:
> despite the large number of packages, and size thereof.. the actual
> dependency is quite trivial: you just need a working Haskell environment
> in order to configure xmonad. Doesn't look like a case of fifteen layers
> of libraries, with half of them dummy packages to resolve compatiblity
> issues.
Your debian seems not like mine, if I remember well I just needed
those packages to get a XMonad with full extensions :

$ apt-get source xmonad xmonad-contrib

# aptitude install ghc6 libghc6-mtl-dev libghc6-utf-8-string-dev
libghc6-x11-dev libghc6-x11-xft-dev

> One quick question, I see a bunch of screenshots on the xmonad wiki and
> some look pretty much like what I'm trying to end up with, but the
> configuration files or scripts appear not to have been made available.

This is surely what you look for :


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