[xmonad] Stump like behavior...

Carl Cravens raven at phoenyx.net
Wed Aug 25 11:48:04 EDT 2010

On 08/25/2010 07:13 AM, Sean Charles wrote:
> I have now tried the Roledex layout, this is nearly exactly what I
> want except that I want each window to be fullscreen rather than
> stacked the way it does... I am going to get the source code for this
> and modify it so that each window is the same size as the screen...
> it will be a good way into both Haskell and xmonad.

I agree with Norbert, it sounds like you just want Full.  I rarely use Full myself... I few applications really work well full-screen on wide-screen monitors.

When I want this behavior for a sub-set of windows (shell always on the right, Firefox/Tbird/compose/etc stacked on the left), I use .Layout.Combo to combine .Layout.Tabbed inside (usually) .Layout.TwoPane.

Combo requires that you set up .Layout.WindowNavigation to tie keys to moving windows between the two layouts.  I found the docs on all that a little confusing, but I worked it out.  (Maybe I should write a tutorial on setting up Combo.)

If you like being able to pull up a shell and then hide it again, you might find Util.NamedScratchpad to be handy.  I wasn't sure I really needed it, but within a week of using it I wouldn't live without it.  I use it to manage a couple other applications in addition to a shell.

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