[xmonad] Re: xmonad-0.9.1 leaves zombie processes around

Adam Vogt vogt.adam at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 12:55:54 EDT 2010

* On Saturday, April 10 2010, Gwern Branwen wrote:

>2010/4/10 Tomáš Janoušek <tomi at nomi.cz>:
>> On a system conforming to POSIX.1-2001, you just can. The easy solution would
>> be to call sigaction with the SA_NOCLDWAIT flag, but System.Posix.Signals
>> lacks the interface to do this :-(.
>So would the right thing be to improve that module and throw a
>conditional flag into xmonad to use it?

XMonad already does a bit of FFI itself (see Main.hsc), would a bit more
hurt much?


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