[xmonad] Issue 385 in xmonad: try to recompile ~/.xmonad/xmonad-$arch-$os if running it fails

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Sat Apr 3 14:43:37 EDT 2010

Status: Accepted
Owner: vogt.adam

New issue 385 by vogt.adam: try to recompile ~/.xmonad/xmonad-$arch-$os if  
running it fails

What steps will reproduce the problem?
mfwitten says:

     I recently upgraded gmp on my system and xmonad failed to
     start up because ~/.xmonad/xmonad-i386-linux wanted to
     dynamically link /usr/lib/libgmp.so.3 and the never version
     is so.10; I fixed the problem by deleting xmonad-i386-linux
     and letting it get recompiled upon xmonad startup, however, I
     bet this would be a kind of tricky problem for some users.

     Perhaps xmonad should try to rebuild that file if it fails to
     load rather than just dying?

As it currently stands, /usr/bin/xmonad replaces itself with
~/.xmonad/xmonad-$arch-$os and there is no way to tell if that
doesn't work.

To detect an exitcode /usr/bin/xmonad could start the user's
binary with rawSystem, but then the original process would be
running the whole time. The attached (mostly untested) patch
does this.

	recompile-user-config-when-it-exits-with-a-nonzero-status_.dpatch  7.4 KB

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