[xmonad] Re: Issue 317 in xmonad: Util.XSelection.putSelection repeatable hang

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Fri Oct 30 17:55:50 EDT 2009

Comment #9 on issue 317 by ale... at feldgendler.ru:  
Util.XSelection.putSelection repeatable hang

gdb shows that the process hangs in XNextEvent(), which probably means it's  
the forked run of processEvent. "info threads" in gdb shows there's only  
one OS-
level thread.

Here is my version of what happened: forkIO doesn't have to create an  
actual thread,
it can be a “lightweight” thread  
base/>. So it works as though it  
were a
real thread as long as you don't call into libraries. Because it's not a  
thread, the other thread doesn't get a chance to run while XNextEvent() is  

Suggested solution: use forkOS instead of forkIO, as the documentation  
for situations when threads make blocking library calls.

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