[xmonad] Cellwriter and XMonad

Geoff Reedy geoff at programmer-monk.net
Thu Oct 22 09:10:19 EDT 2009

On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 04:54:36PM -0700, Toby Cubitt said
> I can't seem to get Cellwriter (a handwriting recognition input panel) to
> work with XMonad, whereas it works fine under other window managers. When
> I enter letters in Cellwriter and hit the "Enter" button, the input
> doesn't seem to go anywhere.
> The only Cellwriter-related config I've put in my xmonad.hs is to always
> float it, via the usual
> myManageHook = composeAll
>                [ ...
>                  className =? "Cellwriter"      --> doFloat,
>                  ... ]
> Has anyone got Cellwriter working with XMonad? Or should I report this as
> a bug?

Try building xmonad with the latest patch in

I'm betting that Cellwriter uses the ICCM WM_TAKE_FOCUS protocol to
refuse the input focus when the window is activated. The patch
implements this focus model within xmonad. If this works, please leave a
comment in the issue. The more positive feedback on it, the quicker the
patch can get into the official repository.

Note that unlike the doIgnore "fix", xmonad is still managing the window
so you can still use xmonad keybindings to manipulate the window
(including by clicking the virtual keyboard)

> Thanks,
> Toby
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