[xmonad] Cellwriter and XMonad

Sergey Manucharian sm at ingeniware.com
Wed Oct 21 21:41:54 EDT 2009

Hi Toby,

I have just installed Cellwriter in my Arch Linux box to see how it
actually works.

> I can't seem to get Cellwriter (a handwriting recognition input
> panel) to work with XMonad, whereas it works fine under other window
> managers.
It's not exactly true. It does not work under TWM too. But it works
with XFCE. Haven't check others though.

> When I enter letters in Cellwriter and hit the "Enter"
> button, the input doesn't seem to go anywhere.
As I could figure out, the output is supposed to go to the ACTVIVE
(focused) window. When you use it with Xmonad, the Cellwriter's window
is focused all the time! In e.g. XFCE the Cellwriter's window is never
becomes active - focus is at the previous one, and you can move the
mouse around to make different windows to become active and accept the
Cellwriter's output. But I really do not know how to overcome such a
behaviour. The same problem will arise with any virtual on-screen

> The only Cellwriter-related config I've put in my xmonad.hs is to
> always float it
By the way, for me it floats without any config...


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