[xmonad] Dual-Monitor setup with GNOME (Help!)

Alexey Feigin mysteriousentity at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 04:41:11 EDT 2009

I have now succeeded configuring with xrandr.

Thanks goes to Wirt for his helpful public and private messages.


2009/10/16 Alexey Feigin <mysteriousentity at gmail.com>

> Thank you for your reply wmw!
> I n00bishly hadn't noticed the troubleshooting Xinerama section in the FAQ.
> Turns out I misspelled "true" in my xorg.conf and Xinerama was not enabled.
> Now that Xinerama is enabled xmonad works as expected with both monitors.
> (Yay!)
> There is one small problem. I get the following error a lot:
> Xlib: extension "RANDR" missing on display ":0.0".
> Reading forum threads found through google, the only sound advice I was
> able to find was "disable Xinerama and use foobar" (I assume this is not an
> option if I want xmonad).
> Any advice on how to get rid of this error?
> Alex
> 2009/10/16 Wirt Wolff <wirtwolff at gmail.com>
>> Excerpts from Alexey Feigin's message of Thu Oct 15 00:07:46 -0600 2009:
>> >
>> > Normally I use xmonad with gnome. When I connected the second monitor
>> and
>> > configured xorg.conf with Xinerama, the second monitor just shows the
>> > background and I can't move any windows into it. I can move my mouse
>> into it
>> > and select things from menus in the gnome bar, but the windows always
>> appear
>> > on the primary monitor. (Also, the second monitor appears to have a
>> second
>> > mouse, with a cursor that looks like an X, not the gnome cursor.)
>> >
>> > I'm on Ubuntu 9.04 with xmonad 0.8.
>> > The video card is ATI Radeon HD 3450 (using fglrx).
>> There are two sections in the FAQ on the wiki that might help:
>> http://haskell.org/haskellwiki/Xmonad/Frequently_asked_questions
>> I would start with the Configuration/Multi-head & Workspaces one, to see
>> if mod-w mod-e, mod-shift-e, etc., and workspace switching works as it's
>> supposed to. If not then you could go to the Multi-head troubleshooting
>> part
>> to make sure your haskell x11 was compiled with xinerama support, but I
>> suspect that your haskell setup is okay, from what you describe.
>> If default xmonad screen and workspace handling isn't working correctly
>> I'd
>> suspect your multi-head is actually not in a xinerama configuration but
>> rather using separate X displays. Unfortunately I know nothing about ATI
>> xinerama configuration, hopefully others can step in if that does turn out
>> to be the problem.
>> regards,
>> --
>> wmw
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