[Fwd: Re: [xmonad] suprised: tiling is never used]

Adam Vogt vogt.adam at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 09:09:24 EDT 2009

* On Thursday, October 08 2009, Alexey Feigin wrote:

>> Especially with LimitWindows modifier...
>Wow, that's what I always wanted! I'm still on version 0.8 so I don't have
>I downloaded the source for LimitWindows but I'm not sure where to put it so
>that I can import it from my xmonad.hs. The .xmonad directory doesn't seem
>to work. Do I put it in /usr/lib/xmonad-contrib-0.8/ghc-6.x.x/XMonad/Layout
>? (Is this too off-topic, should I have started a new thread?)

You can copy-paste its source into your config, minding that the {-#
LANGUAGE Pragmas #-} go on top, that you xmonad.hs module name is Main
(though you can leave that out), and that imports must come before any

If you succeeded in merging the two together, you can add the layout
modifier just like the directions tell you too.

But perhaps it would just be easier to upgrade core and contrib from
darcs. I put the instructions and some relevant links together here:


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