[xmonad] xmonad and cssh

Nathan Findley mojowings at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 2 04:56:40 EDT 2009

I just started using xmonad today and love it!  Now I use cssh quite a lot.  It seems that as I am moving around the different workspaces xmonad sometimes has issues with displaying cssh and its associated ssh terminals.  For instance while viewing workspace A with its own instance of cssh I might (mod-2) switch to workspace B expecting to see another cssh group of windows.  Unfortunately after much flickering I end up with a blank workspace.  The cssh process that I would expect to see in workspace B is still running.  I end up killing it at the command line and restarting cssh.

Does anyone else have issues with windows disappearing?  Any ideas what I can do aside from kill/restart cssh ad nauseum? 

I'm running this on top of Ubuntu Jaunty by the way.
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