[xmonad] Re: Issue 340 in xmonad: Error In Passing Clicks in Multi-Head non-Xinerama Setup

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Tue Nov 17 18:33:21 EST 2009

	Status: Accepted
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Comment #1 on issue 340 by SpencerJanssen: Error In Passing Clicks in  
Multi-Head non-Xinerama Setup

I'm sure we're doing something wrong with multi-screen handling, perhaps  
not setting
focus to the right root window when the mouse crosses screens.  With some  
time and
X11 knowledge the problem should not be insurmountable.

However, multi-screen X11 isn't a major priority for us.  Xinerama and  
Xrandr are
more capable in most respects, and it seems that most of our users prefer  

Basically, we'll have to leave this issue as "patches accepted", and wait  
for an
enterprising user/contributor to work it out.

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