[xmonad] Issue 340 in xmonad: Error In Passing Clicks in Multi-Head non-Xinerama Setup

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New issue 340 by llcawthorne: Error In Passing Clicks in Multi-Head  
non-Xinerama Setup

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Set 'Option "Xinerama" "0"' in xorg.conf in a multi-head non-xrandr
2. Run xmonad on the primary display
3. Run another copy of xmonad, or another WM on the secondary display.

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

I should be able to re-enter a window managed by XMonad and click on
things after leaving it.  There are two different setups that respond
slightly differently.
1) Xmonad on DISPLAY 0.0 and No WM on DISPLAY 0.1 (or Openbox).
I can leave the XMonad display perfectly every time and click on things on
the secondary display.  The problem pops up when XMonad needs to re-accept
control of the pointer.  I come back to my main screen and clicks are not
accepted by whatever window I entered into.  Buttons highlight like I am
over them; links get little boxes around them, but clicks do not
register.  The problem can be remedied by moving my mouse over any other
window on the same display, and things "catch up".  Ex:
DISPLAY=0.0.  I usually run Firefox, and three terminals.
DISPLAY=0.1.  I usually have Thunderbird open.
If I go to Thunderbird, I never have any problem getting there (as long as
I am not running XMonad on display 0.1 also).  If I come back from
thunderbird to Firefox (which is in the master tile), I cannot
successfully click anything.  If I move my mouse over to a terminal (with
or without clicking on it) and then back to Firefox, I can click things
2) Running xmonad on Display 0.0 and Display 0.1
Same as above, except I have problems moving to each display.
Previous Example but:
If I leave Display 0.0 and go to Thunderbird, I cannot click anything.
Once again, messages shadow when the mouse is over them, as do buttons in
Thunderbird.  If I hit Mod+Shift+Return at this point, the terminal will
open on Display 0.0, even though I am on Display 0.1 with my pointer.
Now, if I move my pointer back to Display 0.0, I cannot click on Firefox
and if I hit Mod+Shift+Return the terminal will open on Display 0.1 even
though the mouse is on Display 0.0.  Everything is back to normal if I
mouse over a terminal and back to Firefox.  (This was especially annoying
until I figured out what was going on..  Now I run with a clock open on
Display 0.1 so I have a second window to mouse over on the way to read my
e-mail, because otherwise I had no way to make Thunderbird start receiving

Things work the same with application other than Firefox/Thunderbird
termimal in both examples, they are just what I tend to have open.

What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?

Xmonad 0.8 or Xmonad 0.9.  Gentoo Linux or ArchLinux.

Are you using an xmonad.hs?  Please attach it and the output of "xmonad

Problem exists with default xmonad.hs or with a custom xmonad.hs (or with
a randomly grabbed off the website xmonad.hs).

Please provide any additional information below.

I can set "Xinerama" "1" and there is no problem; I just don't
particularly care for Xinerama.
A) It turns off compositing.
B) I cannot (at least don't know how to) launch apps to other screens from
a prompt (ie 'DISPLAY=:0.2 mplayer -fs South.Park.S01312.avi').

Also, I generally use three monitors, but I can recreate the problem with
the secondary card and tertiary monitor removed from my configuration, so
it has not been mentioned here.  (Things get even stranger when I try
running xmonad on all three displays without Xinerama).

If you need more info than my wordy description, I have a forum post on
the ArchLinux boards and sent a message to the mailing list a bit back
relating to this problem.  (Note that the first few messages of the
posting were before I figured out clearly what was happening).

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