[xmonad] Why cannot i receive any email from xmonad ?

z_axis at 163.com z_axis at 163.com
Mon Nov 16 19:45:42 EST 2009

I have subscribed to xmonad maillist. But i have never received any 
email from it !
I have to resend the same subject about

  Firefox `save as` dialog doesnot appear ?

Hi, *Henrique G. Abreu

*thanks for your quick answer ! I have tried commenting`[ className =? 
"Firefox" --> doF W.swapDown] but still doesnot work!

After using composeOne instead of composeAll, recompiling report:
%xmonad --recompile
Error detected while loading xmonad configuration file: 

    Couldn't match expected type `Maybe (Data.Monoid.Endo WindowSet)'
           against inferred type `Data.Monoid.Endo WindowSet'
      Expected type: MaybeManageHook
      Inferred type: ManageHook
    In the expression: className =? c --> doFloat
    In the expression: [className =? c --> doFloat | c <- myCFloats]

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